Monday, February 20, 2006

Free Supplement Samples

Here are some great free supplement samples, courtesy of sjl25 on the forums. All these samples are completely free and don't cost any S&H and don't require a CC. These won't be up for long, so get them while you can!

UPDATE 3/3: I've added some icons to indicate which items I've gotten (), which I'm still waiting on () and which I never received ().



Other Supplements

Sample Packs

Keep in mind that you will probably get some junk mail/email/phone calls from these companies. If they ask you if you want updates, be sure and uncheck those boxes and use a disposable email if you need too. I recommend not using your real phone number for these samples, however, in some cases they won't send you the sample unless they call you on the phone. I also can't promise you'll get all these supplements, as some of them run out or just stop sending them and forget to take the page down (or just use it to collect customer data).

Anyway, enjoy! Feel free to comment if you have any other free samples to share.

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mik said...

Thanks! Awesome info

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