Friday, April 14, 2006

ABC 4 Reports on Charis Johnson's New "Business Venture"

As reported to you in my last post, I contacted ABC4 regarding Charis Johnson, and her new business, Startup Street. The business is in direct defiance of the court order issued by the SEC, yet she continues to try and take peoples money and harvest their personal information. On her blog, she even contradicts herself and admits that auto-surf programs are nothing but rip offs.

But heres the real bombshell: While promoting her new program, Charis Johnson blasts her old program.

Once the queen of the auto-surf industry, heres what she's saying now: "If you are currently participating in online surfing programs or riskly high-yield investment programs, the reality is 99% of these programs will fail because they are illegal, run by the unscrupulous or not meant for long term viability. Either way, if you entrust these types of programs with your financial future, you will be sorely disappointed. We want to help you eliminate the need for such risky ventures and give you a sense of pride for accomplishing success on your own terms. You need to take the power to control your destiny out of the hands of those programs and into your own."
Hopefully the SEC will put a stop to Charis Johnson before anyone gets suckered in to this new program. I would advise anyone to report this new company to the SEC and any other relevant consumer watchdog groups and government agencies.

ABC 4 - 12 Daily Pro Mastermind Back in Business
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