Friday, December 30, 2005

Google Adsense Account Closed with No Warning

So today I logged in to check my email and I look and I see the following message:

From: Google AdSense
Subject: Google AdSense Account Disabled

Hello xxxxxx,

Your AdSense account was found to be related to an account previously
disabled for invalid click activity and we have therefore disabled your
account. Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed
further participation in AdSense and do not receive any further
payment. The earnings on your account will be properly returned to the
affected advertisers.

As outlined in our program Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the
right to terminate any publisher's participation at any time.


The Google AdSense Team
Now, I have no clue what prompted this or why I got this. This came out of the blue. At first I thought it was a phishing email or something similar. But, I went to log into my Adsense account and I got an error saying my account was disabled.

Now, I have never once been paid by Google and last time I checked I think I had like $20 total in my account, after like several YEARS of using Adsense. So what's the deal? I never asked anyone to click on my ads, and I only used the Adsense code on two sites. This one, and another one that's currently under construction and has like zero visitors.

I recently started getting some very strange flash ads taking over the top of my page. I thought this was Adbrite using their new intermission ads, which I disabled. So, I contacted them and they said that it absolutely wasn't theirs and as far as they knew, Adsense didn't do this either. They were very nice and their rep, Katie, took the time to look over and try to find out where they were coming from but after examing the source code and having one of her managers look at it, she was at a loss to find out where it was coming from, calling it "very suspicious". I was worried to, but after examining the source code of the page I could find no details about any kind of ads. The only thing I'd recently added was the Bravenet poll on the right that runs in javascript. It shows a bravenet ad on the page when you click to vote or view the results, which I have no problem with, but I thought that maybe it was their script that was generating the ads.

Bravenet has a lot of very cool free services for websites and blogs, so I decided to use them. Blogger's help recommended them as one of the free polls to use, and because they said they didn't use popups. I posted a message on their forum asking about this, and haven't heard back from anyone at Bravenet.

However, apparently I am not the only one who has gotten this email. After doing a Google Search for adsense "invalid click activity" it seems there are quite a few people having this problem. A site called is apparently filing a class action lawsuit against Google for a similar problem. Google has a Better Business Bureau report, but it seems most of the complaints have been resolved. There also are no results for "Adsense" on

Hopefully my issue will be resolved though. I sent them a response email asking them what they were talking about and hopefully they will review my account and see that there was some kind of error. I wish they would actually investigate the problem first and send out some kind of warning before totally disabling peoples account. If there was some kind of problem, I would like to know about it so I could correct it before having my account totally closed and then getting an email being accused of fraud.

I have personally had it out with quite a few sites that claimed to give out free gifts for completing offers and referring people, and had to end up using a collection agency to recovery my funds. I hope I won't have to go to great lengths with Google to try and get 20 bucks and my account back online. I really just want to write this blog and my other site and hopefully make a little money from showing ads that might be relevant to the people reading this. I'm obviously not trying to rip off Google for huge amounts of money as some site owners do, using techniques like iframing and other fraudulent methods.

If anyone has any suggestions or stories to share, feel free to post them.

Still no word from Google! Check the link below for the Google Adsense Class Action Suit...

UPDATE: My Adsense Account has been reopened. See here for my story.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Masturbation in America in the 21st Century

Masturbation in America in the 21st Century

To understand what masturbation will be like in both practice and attitude over the next 94 years, we must first look back at the previous century.

Entering the year 1900, American masturbation was looked at as essentially an illness that both men and women needed to be cured of. Although this was the case, it was seen as far more ?problematic? in boys and men, as females were simply less likely to participate in it. Reflecting back, its impossible to ignore the influence of the various Christian churches on sexual pleasure. Since masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex were not pregnancy inducing sexual practices they were deemed immoral. Over most of the 20th century, morality and religion were considered practically synonymous.

Sexual relief was available to people, though. Prostitution was widespread, and far more acceptable for a man to partake in than masturbation. Women could actually go to their physician to be treated for "female hysteria." The physician would use a rudimentary vibrator to bring the woman to orgasm, and thereby curing the hysteria. Again, note that it was more acceptable to have a practicing family doctor bring a sexually frustrated woman to orgasm, than for her to do it herself.

It wasn't until the sexual revolution of the 1960's (which we should note coincides with widespread availability "the pill"), that sexuality became something that Americans could begin talking about.

As with all "taboo" topics, the ability to communicate openly about the subject lends to less mystery and guilt on that subject. Both The Kinsey Report and The Masters and Johnson studys on human sexuality were instrumental in starting the American dialogue on sex.

In the past 46 years there have been proponents of masturbation such as Betty Dodson, who taught the virtues of "self love" to women. There have been many sex toys invented for the sole purpose and intent of masturbation, such as the Fleshlight for men, and the Sybian for women. The market is flooded with differnt kinds of lubrication, meant to enhance pleasure during masturbation. Pornography, or Erotica is now a multi-billion dollar business in the USA.

Attitudes toward both female and male masturbation as of 2006 are more liberal than ever. With the birth of the information superhighway, came bulletin boards designed to support and encourage masturbation creating an online community of masturbators.

So what can we look forward to in the future? Many manufacturers are looking toward merging computer technology's virtual reality and robotics to create a "virtual partner." If we look closely we can see how technology is working toward meeting this goal. Real Doll, Venus, and the Rocker are all devices that could eventually be synchronized with technology to open up a new dimension to masturbation.
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