Sunday, April 30, 2006

More news on the elusive Charis Johnson

In my last post regarding the legality of Charis Johnson's new company, StartUp Street, she (or someone pretending to be her) left some comments for me indicating I was out to get her and somehow supporting the auto-surf industry that she herself helped to create.

The next day, a news reporter from her home town of Charlotte, NC was almost run down in Ms. Johnson's brand new Chrysler PT Cruiser trying to interview her about the pending case against her from the SEC and the investigation by the FBI.

Since 12DailyPro was shut down by the SEC, Charis Johnson has been trying to start a new business called Startup Street, and an online "institute" to educate people about the dangers of auto-surfs and HYIPs.

So are these just efforts to make herself look remorseful during the sentencing phase of her upcoming hearing? Or has Ms. Johnson legitimately turned the other cheek and has seen the light. Only time will tell. But, on her blog, she has refuted the claims that there was an another accomplice behind 12 Daily Pro, which ABC4 was hinting at.

You can watch the news stories below. The first is from Charlotte NC's WSOC, and the second is from ABC4.

As I posted in my follow up comments to Charis's inquiry about me and my intentions, I still invite her to be interviewed by me on whatever topic she so chooses. As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, I have a set of ethics that I follow as a journalist. So, I encourage you to contact me if you're reading this Charis. I have nothing against you and would just like to help you spread your message and intentions, whatever they may be, without any bias or distortions.

Otherwise, stay tuned to Pogue's Blog for the latest news on 12DP, Charis Johnson and anything and everything related to it.
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