Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cease & Desist Order Issued Against 12DailyPro

ABC4 is reporting that authorities in North Carolina and the SEC have issued a cease and desist order against 12DailyPro to stop it from selling unlicensed securities. This action comes a little too late for most, since 12DailyPro has already stopped opening new accounts and allowing people to upgrade since the debacle with StormPay. From ABC4's article:

"A summary cease & desist order is issued by the Securities Division when it appears that ongoing activity violates the North Carolina Securities Act or the North Carolina Investment Advisers Act and poses the threat of irreparable harm to the investing public. The cease & desist order commands those who receive it to stop any further violations and to comply with the requirements of the securities laws."
Although no information has been posted on the NC Attorney General or SEC's website (it should be posted Monday), Charis Johnson, the operator of 12DailyPro has responded with the following statement:

Please be aware that Monday, 12dp will release a statement regarding a compromise that has been reached between 12dp with authorities that will lead to the resolution of this matter and the beginngings of an accounting and refund process.

You may hear news this weekend regarding a legal pleading that contains much misleading information provided to authorieties primarily by StormPay. Our attorneys have already proven to the authorities the most outstanding allegation made to be false, which likely will not be reported on the news. One issue to be cleared up is the fact that StormPay does not have an option for creating merchant accounts and linked merchant bank accounts. If any business signs up for a StormPay account, they have to use someone's individual name and StormPay insists that any bank account added must match that same individual name.

But a full statement addressing such issues will be made to that affect early next week.

Thank you for your patience and we are glad that we have been able to take steps that will help bring this ordeal to a close soon.
So what happens next will be anyones guess. Obviously 12DailyPro doesn't need to take any further action to comply with the C&D order, unless there are more specifics in them that haven't been published yet. We will have to wait and see if there are going to be refunds for the many customers of 12DP who invested in the service, as well as for those who lost money due to the canceled GPT convention that was canceled.

New Action by State and Federal Regulators Against 12 Daily Pro

Simple Car Modifications to Boost Horsepower

In this article I'm going to discuss some simple and cheap ways to enhance your cars performance to boost your horsepower. Doing so will also (usually) increase gas mileage and increase rear end torque.

I did a lot of modifications to my 96 Firebird. Some of them were very hard and very expensive, but there are a lot of simple modifications you can do to your domestic or import car that are cheap and simple to install that allow you to improve performance. Depending on how much you want to spend and how much work you want to put into it, you can spend a lot of money on a car and sometimes not get a lot out of it. When deciding on whether or not to start modifying a car, you have to take into account what kind of engine it has, what is the stock HP, and whether or not any companies make prefabricated parts for it to allow you to modify it. So, for example, if you have a Ford Escort and you want to get it up to the same horsepower as a V8 Trans Am or something, you're going to have to spend a lot more money than you would if you probably just searched around and found an older model used car that's already got a large engine in it, or a different car that is easier to modify and give you more bang for your buck.

But, as for the modifications, most can be installed yourself or installed cheaply by a local muffler shop or some place similar. First, we'll look at the intake system.

Cold Air Induction

Cold air induction is a very simple modification most people can make to their cars, and many aftermarket car parts manufactures make prefabricated cold air induction systems for most models. By default, your car has an air filter that connects into the throttle body that's within the engine compartment. When the default system is in place, hot air is sucked into the throttle body within the engine area and you have a reduced flow because of the smaller sized tubing and connectors that go between it and the air filter. Installing a cold air induction system removes the parts from the throttle body to the air filter, and tries to move the air filter to a place away from the heat of the engine, so it's sucking in colder air. Colder air cools your engine off slightly, and gives you more air into the throttle body to allow for more combustion. Cold air kits also come with higher flow air filters (normally K&N) that are reusable, so they last forever - you just have to clean them every now and then. As I mentioned, many companies make cold air kits for your car already, so you just have to check and see if one is made and if it's within your price range. If you're lucky, you might have more than one company who makes a system for your car and then you can pick and choose. They're fairly simple to install, and normally come with instructions that you could use to install it yourself in your garage. If you can't find a premade cold air kit for your car, sometimes you can make your own out of metal pipes or hoses that you can purchase at automotive stores or fashion yourself out of other parts. Do a search around on some forums or newsgroups about your car and more than likely someone has written up some instructions as to how to make your own if no one makes one for you.

If you don't want to spend the money or can't find a cold air kit for your car, you can install a K&N High Flow Air Filter. It just allows for more air to flow in than standard air filters which also increases horsepower, but to a lesser degree (although they claim anywhere from 10-20hp, but that's really pushing it for just a filter).

Read more about Air Intake Systems on AutoAnything.

Cat Back/Muffler Kits

A cat-back is a exhaust kit for a car that replaces all the exhaust pipes from the catalytic converter back (hence the name). This includes a new muffler and often times new exhaust tips. There are many, many cat-back systems out there to choose from for most cars and you can pick them based on how loud you want it to sound, or if you don't want it too loud you can find a quieter system. Cat-backs normally cost around $300 or so and can normally add around 10-20hp to your ride, so it makes for a good pretty cheap investment. With the additional exhaust tips, it can also add to the look of your car so you can pick what your preference is.

If you don't want to install an entire cat-back, you can install just an aftermarket muffler. Again, many choices here and having a higher flow muffler will add some horsepower too. You'll have to check and see who makes what for your car and decide on how you want it to sound.

With a cat-backs and mufflers, you will most likely have to have it installed somewhere, unless you have your own car lift and know how to weld. Most places, like Midas, don't charge a lot to install a cat-back and don't take too long. Just make sure that they're qualified and know what they hell they're doing so your new exhaust system doesn't fall off on the ground as soon as you drive off. If there are specialty automotive shops in your area, they can usually install it for you too, but will probably charge more.

Read more about Exhaust Systems on AutoAnything.

Low Temperature Thermostat + Redline Water Wetter

Installing a lower temperature thermostat triggers your radiator to cool off the engine when it reaches a certain temperature. Most cars with a standard thermostat have it set by default for around 200 degrees. However, you can buy a lower temperature one for 160, so it will start cooling the engine when it reaches 160 degrees instead of 200. This will let your engine run cooler and give you some extra HP. The next thing you can add is Water Wetter by Redline Oils. Water Wetter is a pour in product that you add to your radiator fluid. Adding one bottle will reduce engine temperatures by about 7 degrees or so. If you were to use a half and half mixture of just Water Wetter and water, it would cool it even more. But, it doesn't have freeze protection like anti-freeze, so it's not a very viable option for every day drivers. However, one bottle is about $7 and helps cool off your engine somewhat, so it's worth the investment. It also lubricates the water pump and helps keeps your radiator free of rust and corrosion. You can read their full technical writeup about it. (PDF). You can normally pick up a thermostat and Water Wetter at a local auto supply store for less than $20.

Synthetic Fluids

A very cheap modification you can do to any car is to change out all the fluids from the standard dinosaur oils to more efficient synthetic types. For just about any type of fluid that goes into your car (with the exception of gasoline) there is a synthetic fluid or oil that you can use to help improve performance. I always use Royal Purple motor oil in my car. It is the best oil in the world and can actually help increase your cars horsepower, as well as a multitude of other things, including helping to reduce engine wear and improved gas mileage. You can change out pretty much any type of fluid in your car with either products from Royal Purple or Red Line, and now many other manufacturers, such the popular Mobile One are entering the market with transmission fluids, brake fluids, gear oil, and even grease. A good fuel system treatment, like Red Line's Complete Fuel System Cleaner can help keep fuel injectors spraying at their fullest and keep the entire fuel system free of corrosion and improve gas mileage as well. Although these may cost a little more, they are one of the easiest changes you can make and can help significantly. Remember, don't use a higher octane gas than your car's manual recommends unless you've made a specific modification (such as a computer chip modification) that requires it. Using a higher octane fuel, even on occasion, is not necessary as it does not provide more power to your car or any more cleaners than is in regular fuel. Also, don't waste your money on "oil additives" like Slick 50 or other gimmicks. These have been proven time and time again to be primarily bunk and don't help your cars performance or gas mileage. Adding to your car can sometimes even void the warranty.

Read more on How to Save on Gas at AutoAnything.

High Performance Spark Plugs and Wires

There are many brands of spark plugs and spark plug wires than can improve performance by creating a faster spark, along with lower heat resistance and a longer life span than standard plugs and wires. I use Bosch Platinum +4 plugs. There are many different brands of wires to choose from based on your model car that can help improve performance too. It's also a good idea to place some heat shielding around them, depending on where they are positioned in the engine. I've had several spark plug wires melt because of how close they are to the exhaust headers.

Computer Chips and Programmers

On most new cars since the mid 90s have had computers and computer chips in them to regulate the functions of the car, such as the timing, the gear ratios, the amount of fuel that goes into the engine, the speed of the transmission shifting, and so forth. There are many aftermarket computer chips and "power programmers" that you can purchase to reprogram or reset your cars computer chip to increase performance by modifying these variables. Often times these are in the high price range (usually around $400) but can make a significant difference to your cars horsepower and torque, especially when combined with many of the modifications mentioned above. These are usually one of the easiest modifications to apply, because all you have to do is either plug them into your cars computer socket or crimp it into some wiring. Most of them offer options to switch them on and off so if you have to take it in to get it inspected or take it to the dealership, you can turn them off and make sure your car is in default settings.

Read more about Performance Chips on AutoAnything.

If you do all these modifications you can probably expect to add about a good 20 rear wheel hp (meaning true & solid horsepower). Once you've added all these performance enhancements you'll probably want to pick up a radar detector, lest you end up paying even more to the police department.

In my next article I'll talk about some simple modifications to improve your car's suspension and handling.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Join the EFF and get a Free Membership to Anonymizer

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which dedicates itself to supporting the online rights of users, is giving away a free membership to Anonymizer when you join. The EFF is an excellent organization that works hard to give legal help to online users in need for a variety of different issues, ranging from censorship online, to illegal spying, and not to mention the rights of bloggers.

Now is an excellent time to give as the EFF has filed a class action law suit against AT&T for it's release of information under an illegal wiretapping program to the NSA. They are also fighting against the ruthless campaigns from the RIAA and MPAA against their own customers to prevent the fair and free use of content both online and off.

When you sign up now you'll get included with your membership, a free account with Anonymizer, a service that provides users the capability to surf webpages anonymously without having to worry about being tracked or spied on.

* Join EFF and Get Free Online Privacy Protection

EFF and Anonymizer have partnered to provide new EFF members
a free subscription to Anonymous Surfing. This service helps
keep others from tracking your activity online. It also
protects you from identity theft, helping you avoid phishing
and other website scams. When you connect to the Internet
wirelessly, Anonymous Surfing makes sure that hotspot
providers can't spy on what you do.

Join EFF now and protect your privacy online!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kneller Released After Posting $25k Bail - More Information Released

The Patriot Ledger is reporting that Bruce Kneller has now been released on $25,000 bail. The news is bad, as it now appears that more was found in Knellers apartment than initially reported. They reveal that the investigation into RSOC has been going on 8 years and was finally pinpointed when packages sent by Kneller were intercepted by Postal authorities. They also allege he was using expired and impure ingredients to manufacture steroids for the well known underground lab.

Bruce Kneller, 37, was freed yesterday on $25,000 bail following his arraignment in Stoughton District Court where he pleaded not guilty to charges that he possessed and intended to distribute steroids.

Officials said that when federal, state and local law enforcement agencies converged Friday on the Blue Hills Village condo complex in Canton where Kneller lives with his wife Junhua Zhang, a Chinese national, they found boxes of pills, syringes, liquids and powders that were used to cook low-grade, impure and dangerous steroids.

??It is clear given the quantity that was involved, and given the amount of money that was involved, that he was a key figure,?? said Norfolk County District Attorney William R. Keating.


While executing a search warrant, law enforcement personnel found more than 100,000 pills, bottles, unmarked labels and syringes; 10 unlicensed firearms including handguns, rifles and two shotguns; confiscated $4,300 in cash and $1,000 in Chinese currency; and froze a Bank of America checking account with a balance of $363,300.

Kneller also faces charges of violating the drug laws near a school, eight counts of possession of a firearm without a firearms identification card and two counts of possession of a large capacity firearm.

Officials said Kneller is part of a larger network that originated in Los Angeles and that advertises on bodybuilding sites and in gyms under the auspices of a fictitious company called Red Star Labs.


Keating said Kneller used unregulated and expired ingredients, possibly shipped from China, to make the product.


Scrutiny of Kneller?s steroid business took a turn on Feb. 14 when 15 packages he tried to send from the Randolph post office were intercepted by investigators.

Obtaining a search warrant, officials opened the shipment and found more than 6,300 steroids.

The investigation into the cross-country ring began in 1998.

?Steroid Guru?: Canton man allegedly part of national ring

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bruce Kneller Arrested - Updated

Bruce Kneller, the well known author and supplement creator, has been arrested by federal and local agents in Boston. He was in possession of guns and "100,000 suspected steroid pills".

Bruce Kneller has been creating prosteroids/prohormones for several supplement companies, including ALRI and Gaspari. He also writes for several online and published bodybuilding magazines.

He was formally known as the pen name Brock Strasser and was rumored to possibly run an underground steroid lab called GAC aka Red Star of China.

His arrest comes at a time when the government is cracking down hard on steroids and is the second recent indictment of a supplement company owner after Patrick Arnold - owner of Ergopharm.

I spoke to Lt. Cheryl at the Canton police who stated that the Canton police did not expect to put out a press release on the arrest and calls to the Norfolk County DA's office went unanswered. I have emailed them and will try again tomorrow. There is currently no word on whether Kneller was released on bail or what the specific charges against him were.

A user on the Meso-RX boards posted the following image of Bruce Knellers house and how close it was to a high school.

Free Image Hosting at

If he was in possession of illegal or unregistered guns in close proximity to a school along with facing a distribution charge he could be in serious trouble. If any of the firearms were illegally modified or assault rifles then he should be very concerned.

If you were on RSOC's mailing list or were one of their customers its highly advisable to clean your computer with a program such as
Evidence Eliminator
to wipe all forensic traces of mailings and data off your computer. You would also be advised to change email addresses and discontinue use of the one receiving the mailings. If you have had a resent shipment you may also want to clean house.

I'll post more news at it comes in. Stay tuned.

Watch the video of Bruce Kneller's court appearance from WCVB Boston:

2/22 10PM - Another Update

I managed to get a copy of RSOC last list which was sent out on Valentines Day (Feb 14th) and was not going to start being sold until March 1st. I cut out most of the email that had mostly stuff about S/H, how to send money and etc. This is just the part of their mailing that contains what they had for sale.


Welcome to Red Star Chemicals. The following information is for
informational purposes only for a role playing game and is not to
be used for illicit or illegal activities.

By playing our game, you 100% *AGREE* to follow the *ALL* the
Enclosed instructions to the *LETTER*. Failure to do so may delay your
"participation" or prevent your participation. Your order will be
delayed or possibly voided if you don't follow directions *EXACTLY*.
We're not trying to sound harsh or difficult here, we're just trying
to keep you and us safe as well as ensure a smooth transaction for
everyone. We've been at this almost 7 years now and if you follow our
instructions, as requested, we 100% guarantee you will have a
positive experience with *our game*



1) WINSTROL 25 CAPULES ? These are about the best oral Winny product
being sold in America bar none. 25mg stanozolol capsules x *100*
count per bottle. We said 15 months ago that this would become the best
Winny product and it did as we sold more bottles of this stuff faster than
we have ever sold of any other Red Star product period. These kick ass
totally, 1-2 per day and come on, Winny stacks with EVERYTHING. Let?s
face it, you can buy these or deal with another UG labs ?oral stanozolol
solution? where you have to measure out shit in anti-freeze or everclear
and ?drink it?. These kick ass. They have become the stuff legends are
made of as we know that at least three guys who competed in the ?Arnold?
used our Winstrol-clone caps. This is about the most elegant and
classiest product we have ever done. And this is truly a fair price for
what you are getting. $80 each or (and this is an amazing deal) get 8
bottles for $500 (~$60 a bottle, we must be crazy!!!)

2) Anadrol 50 ProCaps ? either you love a-bombs or you hate them. By
the way these are selling VERY well, we think you guys must love ?em!!!
They are another staple of at least two people who competed in the ?O?
that we know of. Oxymetholone 50mg caps x *100* count per bottle.
Potent, this is arguably the fastest mass building oral steroid on the
planet and is known for such. We do not suggest using more than two
per day and in fact, we think one per day in a stack is perfectly fine for
most people. $80 each or (and this is an amazing deal) get 8 bottles
for $500 (~$60 a bottle, we must be crazy!!!)

NOW!!! Oxandrolone 10mg capsules x 60 capsules per bottle. I know I
am not doing Anavar again when these sell out (which will be very soon).
The raw material price is too high and there is too little profit in
it. When these go we are replacing it with a low-buck/higher profit item.
Anavar is expensive for a reason guys. I am starting to run VERY low
on Anavar, 36 bottles left. I suspect it will be sold out forever SOON.
6 for $600 ? this is a smoking deal on Anavar! Check with Token before
you order to make sure we have them left. First 6 people to buy them,
own them. Game over on this one, no singles being sold.

4) CIALIS 25 - Yeah, it is good for 36 hour long marathon fuck sessions
with your girlfriend, sister, mom and the entire cheerleading squad.
But Cialis is also an amazing ergogen (so is Viagra) in blowing you up and
pumping you up. We normally don?t do stuff like this but we got a
smoking deal on Cialis powder (Taladadil HCl) that we could not ignore
it. We have Cialis 25mg capsules in 100 capsule bottles. $80 each or
get 6 for $360 ($60 per bottle!!!)

5) Dianabol (methandrostenelone) 10mg caps in bottles of *200 CAPS*
(yes, not 100, these have 200 in them). Like dbol? $80 for 200 of them!!!
How does 8 bottles for $500 sound? That is like getting 3,200 of the
Thai pink tabs domestic for $500 which is about 7 cents a capsules.
Who does it for less than that?

6) RED STAR OF CHINA MASTERON 200MG. Again, simple, it is
dromostanolone propionate and at 200mg/ml x 50ml (FIFTY ML?s) for only
$135 per bottle it?s a deal and then some!. Smooth and like MOST RSOC
PRODS - ***PAIN FREE INJECTIONS!!!*** Have to call it as I see it ?
best Masteron product clone on the market, nobody has done one this
good, for this low a price ever. It is 200mg/ml and _NOT_ 100mg/ml.
Take 6 for $600 even and this is the best deal on Masteron on the

7) RED STAR OF CHINA EQUIPOISE XR 200MG. Again, simple, it is
boldenone undecylnate (EQ) 200mg/ml x 50ml (FIFTY ML?s) for only $135 per bottle.
Smooth and like MOST RSOC PRODS - ***PAIN FREE INJECTIONS!!!*** Have
to call it as I see it ? best EQ product clone on the market, nobody has
done one this good, for this low a price ever. It is 200mg/ml and
_NOT_ 100mg/ml. Take 6 for $600 even and this is the best deal on EQ on the

8) RED STAR OF CHINA SUSTANON 250 XR DRY. Who here remembers all the
various versions of ?Dry Test/Dry Sust? we have done? This one SMOKES
them all. Each ml (50ml vial ? that is FIFTY ML!!!) has 75mg of
testosterone propionate, 100mg of testosterone cypionate and 75mg of
testosterone decanoate. Oh did we mention it also has 0.50mg of
anastrazole (Arimidex) for that ?dry feeling? of no bloat, no gyno, no
HPTA crash. This product is not for everyone, we know it. But it is
easily the classiest and safest steroids being sold anywhere by anyone.
Ask around, the ?Dry?s? are what we are known for. $135 per bottle or
take 6 for $600 even.

(Sorry this looks like shit, my blog template wraps everything otherwise it screws up the whole page)

What I noticed about this list that's different from ones I've previously seen is that they offer a lot more conventional stuff than all the previous exotic compounds they had listed. RSOC also seems to brag quite a bit about how many pros use their stuff. Very arrogant and I'm sure it wouldn't play well during a trial.

Here is some even more damning stuff, courtesy of bigntall01, from the forums. From RSOC's list of last September, they were marketing an undetectable steroid. They wouldn't even name it. Was this a compound that ended up in the rubbish bin, or turned into a Gaspari prohormone? Hard to say...

9) Undetectabol 100mg x 20ml for $199 per bottle.
What?s in it?
Compound is on the label but we do not want to
broadcast it so it will
cost you $200 to find out. This is a very anabolic,
low androgenic,
performance enhancer/hardener that should be used
ever 2-3 days at 1ml
for most people. Will not show up on an
IOC/AAU/NCAA/MLB/etc. test as of today
(this could change you know).
Visit the forum's discussion on the case

CBS4 Boston - Bruce Kneller Arrested

StudioPay Confirms it was Hacked! Customer data stolen!

A new email from StudioTraffic's payment processor, StudioPay, reveals that the recent hack that was disputed by members and staff is in fact, true, and it is highly probable that members information was stolen.

Received: (qmail 3116 invoked from network); 21 Feb 2006 18:52:52 -0000
X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.1.0 (2005-09-13) on blade1
X-Spam-Level: ***
X-Spam-Status: hits=3.8 tests=HTML_10_20,HTML_MESSAGE,HTML_MIME_NO_HTML_TAG,
Received: from unknown (
by with QMQP; 21 Feb 2006 18:52:52 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO (
by with SMTP; 21 Feb 2006 18:52:52 -0000
Received: from nobody by with local (Exim 4.52)
id 1FBccx-0006hX-QV
for; Tue, 21 Feb 2006 12:52:47 -0600
Subject: Hello
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 12:52:47 -0600
X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report
X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname -
X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain -
X-AntiAbuse: Originator/Caller UID/GID - [99 99] / [47 12]
X-AntiAbuse: Sender Address Domain -

Dear Member

Security issues have been our priority recently following claims

from an individual that he/she hacked the StudioPay information on some

members accounts.

At this point in time we are investigating this issue and

working closely with authorities worldwide to trace this person.

In the following link you will find some advice about identity theft,

how to discover it, who to contact and also some preventative measures.

This information is specific to USA, but any member can enter "identity

theft" into a search engine and get information specific to their

own country.

Until our investigations are complete we feel that we should treat these

allegations seriously. To this end we recommend that you take any

steps you feel necessary to protect yourself.

Our recommendations are:

Report to your local police station the possibility that your

identity information has been compromised. In the event that this

does arise then there will be a record for you to refer to.

Make a report to your credit card company if you used your credit card

statement to verify your account. By doing this your credit card

account will be noted and both you and the credit card company can w

be vigilant and watch for unusual or suspicious transactions.

If you used your bank account statement to verify your account submit a

report to your bank, again this will ensure that your accounts

are noted.

Please follow any advice that your bank or other companies you contact

give you.

At this point in time we are unable to determine how much, if any,

informaton this person has obtained. As stated earlier, we are

working closely with authorities in different countries try and track

this individual.

We are introducing some new security features. You may recall that you

were asked to change your StudioTraffic password recently. The same

security feature, planned for StudioPay, has now been introduced ahead

of schedule and we would ask that all members change their StudioPay

password immediately. You will be prompted to change it every

three months (every 6 months in StudioTraffic). In doing so please

ensure that you use a strong password that cannot be easily worked


Any steps you take now may be of huge importance in the future. The

security and safety of our members is our utmost priority and we

urge you to err on the side of caution and follow our recommendations.

Should any of our members experience fraudulent use of their personal

information into the future please contact us and we will work with

you and the authorities to resolve the situation.

For now we will continue to investigate the situation and should we

be able to pinpoint any members that may be targetted we will

contact those members directly.


StudioPrograms Admin Team

For those who had validated accounts with StudioPay you will need to do the following:

  • Contact your local bank and let them know that your data might have been compromised.
  • Contact your credit card and let them know the same.
  • Fill out a complaint with the FTC and fill out their ID theft affidavit.
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit reports.
  • Access a free copy of your credit report from
I will contact StudioTraffic and StudioPay later to find out more and determine what else needs to be done. If you are like me and faxed in a blank check and your drivers license you might have to go through a lot of trouble to resolve this situation. This is one of the worst offenses committed by StudioTraffic so far and will lead to many complaints and problems. The fact that they took so long to report it is even worse.

Stay tuned...

Pingoat thinks I'm a splog :'(

So, I go to ping Pingoat the other day like I always do after I update my blog, and I suddenly get the message

Hold it right there!!

You have been blacklisted ! This is not because of the frequency of the pings, but due to the possible objectionable/non genuine nature of the blog. Please understand that this is an automated process. If you believe this is an error, please quickly post on the forum or drop me a mail to get it resolved
Hmm, weird, I've never seen that before. So, I went to the forum and to my surprise I see that there are tons of blacklist review requests that haven't been responded too. It looks like Pingoat implemented a new algorithm to block splogs (spam blogs) that may be a little too strict. So, I made my post, and yet I wait for a response. That's even after I left nice comments for the site owner, Kailash Nadh, on the Pingoat blog after he was bought out, AND I have a Pingoat button on my blog!@$#

I also checked out pingoat's sister site, SplogSpot, which indexes splogs and found myself there. So, I clicked the "Not a splog" link and reported myself. If anyone reading wants report it also, it would help me out.

So, how did I get blacklisted? I'm not sure. It might have something to do with the keywords I have in some of my posts, such as ones like "drugs" and my post about Xenical, which is probably a heavily spammed term. I also just check all the boxes on Pingoat when I send my blog out for pings which probably isn't the best idea. I don't know what a lot of the sites are and maybe they aren't interested in reading my site, but how should I know? I'm a busy guy and I just think everyone should check out my neato blog. Maybe I don't understand all the ping services and which one wants my ping, but there's no description. That's probably what most people do anyway, I'm sure. All I know is that when you update your blog you should send out a ping to let people know about it.

I also think there is a bias against Blogger Blog*Spot blogs. Obviously they are one of the highest ranking in terms of splogs because they are free. If Blogger would turn on email verification and captchas for new members it would probably cut splogs on Blog*Spot by 50% and I'm not sure why they don't. They do enable captchas after you have a blog and some automated test thinks you're a splog. This happened to me after like 30 posts or so, so for a real splog it would have already gotten it's content out there.

Anyway, now I'm blacklisted so for now I turned on Pingshot in Feedburner which is supposed to automatically ping Ping-o-matic (although I'm not sure its working). I also can't find my blog on Icerocket, even though I submitted by feed there. It's tough when there are automated systems working to catch fake blogs and probably even more to create them, yet not enough real people to review legitimate blogs to see if they're real.

UPDATE: Woo Hoo! I'm un-blacklisted. Thanks for anyone who helped get me removed.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Free Supplement Samples

Here are some great free supplement samples, courtesy of sjl25 on the forums. All these samples are completely free and don't cost any S&H and don't require a CC. These won't be up for long, so get them while you can!

UPDATE 3/3: I've added some icons to indicate which items I've gotten (), which I'm still waiting on () and which I never received ().



Other Supplements

Sample Packs

Keep in mind that you will probably get some junk mail/email/phone calls from these companies. If they ask you if you want updates, be sure and uncheck those boxes and use a disposable email if you need too. I recommend not using your real phone number for these samples, however, in some cases they won't send you the sample unless they call you on the phone. I also can't promise you'll get all these supplements, as some of them run out or just stop sending them and forget to take the page down (or just use it to collect customer data).

Anyway, enjoy! Feel free to comment if you have any other free samples to share.
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