Friday, February 24, 2006

Join the EFF and get a Free Membership to Anonymizer

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which dedicates itself to supporting the online rights of users, is giving away a free membership to Anonymizer when you join. The EFF is an excellent organization that works hard to give legal help to online users in need for a variety of different issues, ranging from censorship online, to illegal spying, and not to mention the rights of bloggers.

Now is an excellent time to give as the EFF has filed a class action law suit against AT&T for it's release of information under an illegal wiretapping program to the NSA. They are also fighting against the ruthless campaigns from the RIAA and MPAA against their own customers to prevent the fair and free use of content both online and off.

When you sign up now you'll get included with your membership, a free account with Anonymizer, a service that provides users the capability to surf webpages anonymously without having to worry about being tracked or spied on.

* Join EFF and Get Free Online Privacy Protection

EFF and Anonymizer have partnered to provide new EFF members
a free subscription to Anonymous Surfing. This service helps
keep others from tracking your activity online. It also
protects you from identity theft, helping you avoid phishing
and other website scams. When you connect to the Internet
wirelessly, Anonymous Surfing makes sure that hotspot
providers can't spy on what you do.

Join EFF now and protect your privacy online!

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