Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pingoat thinks I'm a splog :'(

So, I go to ping Pingoat the other day like I always do after I update my blog, and I suddenly get the message

Hold it right there!!

You have been blacklisted ! This is not because of the frequency of the pings, but due to the possible objectionable/non genuine nature of the blog. Please understand that this is an automated process. If you believe this is an error, please quickly post on the forum or drop me a mail to get it resolved
Hmm, weird, I've never seen that before. So, I went to the forum and to my surprise I see that there are tons of blacklist review requests that haven't been responded too. It looks like Pingoat implemented a new algorithm to block splogs (spam blogs) that may be a little too strict. So, I made my post, and yet I wait for a response. That's even after I left nice comments for the site owner, Kailash Nadh, on the Pingoat blog after he was bought out, AND I have a Pingoat button on my blog!@$#

I also checked out pingoat's sister site, SplogSpot, which indexes splogs and found myself there. So, I clicked the "Not a splog" link and reported myself. If anyone reading wants report it also, it would help me out.

So, how did I get blacklisted? I'm not sure. It might have something to do with the keywords I have in some of my posts, such as ones like "drugs" and my post about Xenical, which is probably a heavily spammed term. I also just check all the boxes on Pingoat when I send my blog out for pings which probably isn't the best idea. I don't know what a lot of the sites are and maybe they aren't interested in reading my site, but how should I know? I'm a busy guy and I just think everyone should check out my neato blog. Maybe I don't understand all the ping services and which one wants my ping, but there's no description. That's probably what most people do anyway, I'm sure. All I know is that when you update your blog you should send out a ping to let people know about it.

I also think there is a bias against Blogger Blog*Spot blogs. Obviously they are one of the highest ranking in terms of splogs because they are free. If Blogger would turn on email verification and captchas for new members it would probably cut splogs on Blog*Spot by 50% and I'm not sure why they don't. They do enable captchas after you have a blog and some automated test thinks you're a splog. This happened to me after like 30 posts or so, so for a real splog it would have already gotten it's content out there.

Anyway, now I'm blacklisted so for now I turned on Pingshot in Feedburner which is supposed to automatically ping Ping-o-matic (although I'm not sure its working). I also can't find my blog on Icerocket, even though I submitted by feed there. It's tough when there are automated systems working to catch fake blogs and probably even more to create them, yet not enough real people to review legitimate blogs to see if they're real.

UPDATE: Woo Hoo! I'm un-blacklisted. Thanks for anyone who helped get me removed.


manic_depressive_1 said...

I've got the same problem with my own GPT Blog. In my case, I think it may be due to having too many ads and banners, something I intend to fix soon.

Yes, some keywords probably trigger the anti-splog bots' spider sense more than others.

Prescription drugs are usually high on that list.

Tim Phelan said...

I am glad to see that you have been de-blacklisted. Keep using pingoat as it is striving to keep improving it's services and wants to become more user friendly to all non sploggers.

By the way, they will be linking up soon with this new site www.blogsrater.com which is a blogs directory and rating/review site. Yes, it's mine. Try it out for a cool way to get your site traffic.

Anonymous said...

I got the same warning. I quit using pinggoat because of them thinking I am a splog.

I'm using a new blog pinging service at: http://pingfrog.com

They must be new, not trying to sell me anything with banners and stuff. I didn't have any problem submitting my blog to them and it pinged no problem.


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