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Huge List of Free Software

Huge List of Free Software

All this software is absolutely 100% freeware, unless otherwise listed, or unless it was JUST recently changed and I was not aware of it. If you find any of this software to not be free, broken links or etc. please PM or email me and let me know so I can correct it. If you know of any other software that is free and you recommend, please let me know or post it below and I will add it to the list!

Graphics Software
GIMP for Windows GIMP is a free graphics creating/editing software, comperable to Photoshop or other expensive graphics manipulation software. It is free and open source, this version is for Windows
IrfanView The best freeware graphics viewer, convertor, with basic editing functions

Audio Software
AudioGrabber Free CD Ripping Software. Allows you to rip an audio CD and convert it to MP3s.
CDBurner XP Pro Freeware CD Burning Software
winLAME Converts WAV files into MP3s
GX Transcoder Converts just about any audio format into any other format
Nero Plugins plugins for Nero that allow you to burn most all audio types as an audio CD without having to convert them
Audacity Audio Editor

DVD/Video Software
VirtualDub General Purpose Video Editing Software
TMPGEnc Converts AVI Files to MPEG1 for burning to VCDs
SmartRipper Freeware DVD Ripping Software
DVDX Allows you to convert ripped DVDs to various formats, including VCD and AVI
DVD Shrink Free software to burn DVD movies to DVD-R discs
DVD Decrypter Allows you to rip DVD discs to your harddrive
DSPlayer Freeware DVD Player
OpenDVD Another freeware DVD Player

Audio/Video Playback Software
WinAmp The standard for audio players
VideoLan Movie/Video Player with built in Codec functionality
Media Player Classic Great Freeware Alternative to bloatware WMP
BSPlayer Another good movie/media player with lots of options
Commercial Audio/Video Playback Software:
The following are free versions of commercial movie playing software. Although you should be able to use the alternatives to them, under some circumstances you will need to them to view content
Apple Quicktime
Microsoft Windows Media Player

Office/Document Software
OpenOffice Freeware alternative to Microsoft Office. Comes with a Document editor, HTML editor, Email Program, HTML editor, Spreadsheet program and more. Also check out OpenOffice Extras for templates and addons for OO.
PrimoPDF Freeware PDF Creator
FoxIt PDF Reader Free alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader
Microsoft Office Viewers & Convertors Allows people who don't own MS Office to view or convert Office files (ie: Excel Spreadsheets, Powerpoint, etc)
CutePDF Writer Free PDF Writer & Viewer
Adobe Acrobat Reader the original

System Utilities
Crap Cleaner Cookie and System Cleaner, also includes registry cleaner
TugZip Comp/Decompression Utility, Supports most archive types
ALZIP Same as above
EasyCleaner Registry Cleanup Tool
Cacheman System Optimization Tool, and memory cleaner
Windows 98 Unofficial SP If you're still using Windows98, this will install all the necessary updates and patches to keep your system working flawlessly
Windows Update from Microsoft. Run frequently, or turn on auto update to keep your system up to date with the latest security patches.
Office Update from Microsoft. Keeps your Office software up to date
DirectX Multimedia functionality booster, works with games and audio/video drivers to improve performance
DocMemory Free Memory Tester Utility. Will test to make sure your RAM is functioning properly.
Ultimate Boot Disk Free Startup Disk Utility for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with your computer hardware and software

Anti-Spyware/Anti-Virus Software
SpyBot Search & Destroy Cleans your system of harmful adware and spyware. Also includes a system startup editor, hosts editor, spyware immunizer, file shredder and more!
Lavasoft Adaware Another great spyware cleaner
Microsoft Anti-Spyware former Giant Anti-Spyware. Includes background fulltime protection against spyware, along with auto updates and scheduled scans.
CWS (Cool Web Search) Shredder If you become infected with CWS, this tool will completely remove it from your system.
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition The free version of AVG Anti-Virus, with auto updates, email scanning, and more
avast! Home Edition avast software's free anti-virus
SpywareBlaster Installs blocking protection into your browser to keep you safe from spyware and adware. Needs to be updated frequently and manually.
Script Sentry Will keep you from accidentally clicking on potentially harmful files which can contain viruses or other system exploits
XP Anti-Spy Allows for removal MSN messenger, and disables information being sent back to Microsoft and protects your privacy through various background settings

Software Firewalls - Only Install One of These!
Kerio Personal Firewall Free Edition
SyGate Personal Firewall
ZoneAlarm Free Edition
If you are using Windows XP SP2 firewall, it should work fine, unless you want more protection, disable it and use one of the above.

Download Tools
Free Download Manager Download Manager, queues files for download and makes multiple connections to speed up downloads. Supports pausing and resuming. Great for dialup users, and even works great for DSL/Cable if you're having trouble downloading a large file
DeluxeFTP Freeware FTP Client
FileZilla Same as Above

Email Clients and Tools
Eudora E-Mail Client Paid, Ad Supported and Free versions of email client. One of the oldest out there.
ThunderBird The Mozilla foundation's free email client. This is what I use. Nuff said. ;)
Pegasus E-Mail Client Freeware Email Client
SpamFighter for Outlook and Express Addon for Outlook and OE which works as a spam p2p community to block spams from your inbox
Spamihilator Freeware Spam Blocker, learns a series of rules based on your settings to block spam

Browsers and Tools
Mozilla Suite The full Mozilla Suite with a browser, email client, HTML composer, IRC client and more
FireFox Mozilla's very popular stand alone browser
Opera Free Ad-Supported Browser
Avant Browser Another good free browser alternative to IE
Maxthon (formerly myIE2) Kind of like a shrunken IE with a tabbed browsing interface
Google Toolbar for IE. Allows you to search Google with IE and block popups. Great toolbar!
Java JRE Plugin so you can view Java applets from within your browser
Macromedia Flash Player to view flash movies within your browser
Macromedia Shockwave Player allows you to watch and play Shockwave based games and movies from within your browser
The EFF's TOR Proxy System A free proxy system that works similar to a P2P network, whereby you connect to multiple users to spread your IP address out and be invisible on the internet

HTML & Website Creators
I have not used or tried either of these, as I do my webmaster work in DreamWeaver, notepad and CuteFTP.
Namu Web Site Creation Software
LoGraf HTML Editor

Instant Messenger/Chat Software
Trillian Freeware chat client with the ability to access AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN IM, ICQ, and IRC all in one
AOL Instant Messanger with AdBlocker and Spyware/Junk Remover and AIM Encryption for secure conversations
Yahoo! Messenger
Mirabilis ICQ
MSN Messenger
mIRC Internet Relay Chat Client
GAIM Freeware IM client. Connects to AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, SILC, GroupWise Messenger, and Zephyr networks.

Weather & Misc Software
Weather Watcher Freeware tool to check the weather from your system tray
Dimension 4 For those of you who don't have or don't use Windows XP's built in time service, D4 will automatically update your computer's clock for you
Daemon Tools Creates a virtual drive so you can mount BIN/ISO files and run them without having to burn them Allows you to lookup logins and passwords for public sites that require registration (like news sites, and most other major sites). Downloadable plugins for Mozilla & IE

Gravytris Free OpenGL (3D) Tetris with Ambient Music
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Free multiplayer version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Doom Legacy Opensource Freeware port of Doom
Danger from the Deep Freeware Open Source German WW2 submarine game
LBreakout2 Freeware opensource Breakout (Ball Breaker) game
List of Free Games from Wikipedia

P2P Clients
Fasttrack - The Fasttrack Network is home to Kazaa, Grokster, and iMesh. All these clients have major spyware and adware with them, so below are some clean versions. Although this network is probably the most popular, it has become increasingly filled with fake files, and been the main target of RIAA and MPAA lawsuits recently.
Kazaa Lite Resurrection
iMesh Lite
Articles & Help
Slyck's Guide to Fasttrack
Wikipedia Article on Kazaa
Wikipedia Article on FastTrack
OpenFT - OpenFT, is the reverse engineered protocol of FastTrack. Although there are less users overall, it is probably safer and has less fake files.
KCeasy Connects to OpenFT and Gnutella
Articles & Help
Slyck's OpenFT Clients List
Wikipedia Article on OpenFT
Gnutella - Gnutella is one of the older P2P clients. It was developed by Justin Frankel, of Winamp fame, as an answer to the centralization of Napster and the problems it faced. It is a decentralized network, and operates with peers and nodes, making it somewhat slow. However, the open source operation has advanced the protocol, but there have been some conflicts between developers about it.
Shareaza Connects to Gnutella, Gnutella2, ED2K, and supports Bittorrent
LimeWire Basic
BearShare Lite
Articles & Help
Slyck's Gnutella Guide
Wikipedia Article on Gnutella
Ares - Decentralized network, similar to gnutella
AresGalaxy might contain adware
Articles & Help
Slyck's Ares Guide
Wikipedia Article on Ares Galaxy

eDonkey/ed2k/Overnet/eMule - eDonkey is a centralized network, but servers are operated by individuals, similar to OpenNap. Newer eDonkey clients, and eMule come with their own decentralized networks installed alongside the regular eDonkey client/server connections. Both eMule and eMule Plus are open source versions of the original eDonkey client, and both clients have their pros and cons. This network is best suited for large files. I use eMule Plus.
eDonkey Connects to ed2k and Overnet
eMule Plus
Articles & Help
Slyck's Guide to eDonkey2k
Slyck's Guide to Overnet
Wikipedia Article on eDonkey
Wikipedia Article on Overnet
Wikipedia Article on Kademlia
Wikipedia Article on eMule
Emule Router and Firewall Help
eMule Help & Support
eDonkey Support
MP2P - The Manolito P2P is a relatively new network, and only supports audio file transfers. It is not that widely used, but the client is pretty good for single songs.
Piolet Has ads, but no spyware last time I checked
Articles & Help
Slyck's Guide to MP2P
Wikipedia Article on Manolito
BitTorrent/Exeem - Slyck's Guide to BT & Wikipedia Article on P2P. I have never personally used or know anything about BT, so I cannot comment on it or any of these clients. They should be free of any type of ads or spyware, however.
Exeem Lite
Bit Tornado
BNBT EasyTracker BT Tracker for Windows
DirectConnect - DC is a network based around large hubs, which you connect to and browse for files, in a similar fashion to an FTP, but you can also chat with the users like an IRC network. Most hubs require sharing or exchange inorder to download.
DC++ Open Source DC client
Articles & Help
Slyck's Guide to DC
Wikipedia Article on DC
OpenNap/WinMX - OpenNap, like OpenFT, is the Napster servers reverse engineered. WinMX is one of the only clients that still connect to this network. It also has it's own internal network for sharing. It has been quite large in the past, and has a lot of files available.
NapMX Not a client, but a program to add a recent list of OpenNap servers to WinMX
Articles & Help
Slyck's Guide to WinMX
Wikipedia Article on OpenNap
Wikipedia Article on WinMX
SoulSeek - This network is mostly for hard to find or rare files. It has increadibly long queue times, and they encourage you to pay to increase your queue time.
Articles & Help
Slyck's Guide to SoulSeek
Wikipedia Article on SoulSeek

Other P2P Utilities
MP3Shield Scans your songs while you're downloading them to determine whether or not they are corrupt or fake
DietK If you're using regular Kazaa, you will want to install this addon to remove all the spyware from it. It also improves search results, and adds a lot of other nice features to Kazaa. Most of the same can be accomplished by using Kazaa Lite
BlockList Manager Downloads fresh IP blocklists to ensure that you will be protected against the RIAA/MPAA and other enemies of P2P
PeerGuardian Blocks inbound and outbound TCP connections to known bad IPs. Has it's own IP list or can be used with the Blocklist Manager
ProtoWall Blocks ALL inbound and outbound connections to known bad IPs. Has it's own IP list or can be used with the Blocklist Manager

Big Free Software Sites
Free Serif Software Includes free software for Desktop Publishing, Photo and Image Editing, Website Design and Publishing, Graphic Design and Vector Drawing, and 3D Animation and Modeling. I have not used or downloaded any of these, but they claim them to be "100% free".
TheOpenCD Links to many free software utilities, some of which are already listed here.
Final Builds Site (formally Kazaa Lite) Includes free software such as the K-Lite Codec Packs, Real Player and Quicktime Alternatives with the bloat removed, TMPEnc, Nero CD-DVD Speed, FFDShow, McAfee Anti-Virus, NOD32 Anti-Virus, WinRAR, WinAce, and much more
Kool Lite Tools List of completely free software, some of which is already listed here.
AXCEL216's Max Speed Windows Tips & Tricks Tips, tricks, tools, hacks and addons for all versions of Windows. For those who like to tweak and play with their system settings, this is the site for you.
Gibson Research Includes tools to disable unpatched Windows flaws like UPNP, Windows Messenger, the DCOM service, and more (although most of these have been patched by SP2). Also hosts ShieldsUP! which will test your system to see if you have open ports or services, which can leave you vulnerable to hackers and attacks.
Wikipedia List of Open Source Software Packages
FramaSoft Free Software List Large List of Free Windows Software
FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory Another large list of free software, some for Windows and other platforms
Doom9 and has guides and free software downloads to help you rip, edit, and burn DVDs, VCDs and other video files
OSSwin Project List of all Open Source Software Available for Windows
List of Free Software from Wikipedia
OPD's List of Open Source Software
OPD's List of Freeware
Finally, there is also and which have huge listings of software of all types.
Have any other free software you think should be on this list? Please post them in a comment or email them to me!

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