Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lack of Updates

I just wanted to make a post letting everyone know I haven't forgotten or stopped writing my blog. I've been very busy with other things and so I haven't had a chance to finish some of the articles I've started and I've been having computer issues, so I haven't had access to the site in awhile. However, here are some of my upcoming articles that are in the works or I'm planning on writing.

  • Basic Overview of Steroids - Similar to my article on Supplements for Beginners, this will be a primer on steroids for newbies since I see a lot of the same questions posted over and over in the forums.
  • Credit Card Reviews - A review of credit card companies and what features they offer, how their customer service is, their rates, and more.
  • Free Software Picks - My picks of some of the best free software available.
  • Increasing Wireless Network Range - If you have a home wireless network, this will give you some ideas on how to expand your range and get better reception.
  • Air Cleaning Product Reviews - A look at air filters and products that clean the air and kill airborne germs
  • The Impact of Blogging - How blogging can effect peoples viewpoints and get results you wouldn't expect
  • Libido & Sexual Enhancement Supplements - An overview of supplements for sexual enhancement for men and women
  • Information on Financial Services and Various other ways to make money online
  • Ben Franklin: Our "Open Source" Founding Father
  • MUTE Records and their lack of support for US fans
  • Teeth Whitening Products Overview - a look at some of the products that whiten your teeth and how they work
  • Drug Testing - How drug testing works, the social implications of them and how to beat them
  • Insomnia Help - a look at things to help with insomnia
  • Working at Home - Can you really work at home? I'll look at some of the options
  • Patrick Arnold and his legal woes - The career of Patrick Arnold and his involvement with the BALCO scandal
  • Post Cycle Therapy - my recommendations
  • HYIPs/Auto-surfs - a look at them from both sides of the spectrum
  • Saving on Gas Mileage
And more... I'm also thinking about starting a podcast to be broadcast here where I would talk with people, like gimp, about various topics and have guests and Q&A sessions. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, let me know.
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