Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lack of Updates

I just wanted to make a post letting everyone know I haven't forgotten or stopped writing my blog. I've been very busy with other things and so I haven't had a chance to finish some of the articles I've started and I've been having computer issues, so I haven't had access to the site in awhile. However, here are some of my upcoming articles that are in the works or I'm planning on writing.

  • Basic Overview of Steroids - Similar to my article on Supplements for Beginners, this will be a primer on steroids for newbies since I see a lot of the same questions posted over and over in the forums.
  • Credit Card Reviews - A review of credit card companies and what features they offer, how their customer service is, their rates, and more.
  • Free Software Picks - My picks of some of the best free software available.
  • Increasing Wireless Network Range - If you have a home wireless network, this will give you some ideas on how to expand your range and get better reception.
  • Air Cleaning Product Reviews - A look at air filters and products that clean the air and kill airborne germs
  • The Impact of Blogging - How blogging can effect peoples viewpoints and get results you wouldn't expect
  • Libido & Sexual Enhancement Supplements - An overview of supplements for sexual enhancement for men and women
  • Information on Financial Services and Various other ways to make money online
  • Ben Franklin: Our "Open Source" Founding Father
  • MUTE Records and their lack of support for US fans
  • Teeth Whitening Products Overview - a look at some of the products that whiten your teeth and how they work
  • Drug Testing - How drug testing works, the social implications of them and how to beat them
  • Insomnia Help - a look at things to help with insomnia
  • Working at Home - Can you really work at home? I'll look at some of the options
  • Patrick Arnold and his legal woes - The career of Patrick Arnold and his involvement with the BALCO scandal
  • Post Cycle Therapy - my recommendations
  • HYIPs/Auto-surfs - a look at them from both sides of the spectrum
  • Saving on Gas Mileage
And more... I'm also thinking about starting a podcast to be broadcast here where I would talk with people, like gimp, about various topics and have guests and Q&A sessions. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion of something you might want to spend your time looking into. You have had such a great interest in the Charis Johnson story. Well, there is an surf site called Phoenix Surf.com. They have quite the similar terms to 12dp, but call themselves selling "advertising packages." It is a thinly veiled disguise for an unregistered security. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and the CEO is Jonathan Mikula. They have even gone to the lengths of telling their members that they have paperwork on the SEC's desk awaiting approval. Brent Hunsaker is aware of the site and may do a story on them. I believe they are an illegal MLM scam as well.

Their forum doesn't tolerate any adverse opinions. They will ban you in a second. Pogue, I think this bears looking at.

Tyciol said...

Hi I'm posting here because I can't find any other way to relay a message :p

I liked your post on Artificial Sweeteners on the Nutrition bodybuilding.com forums. They seem quite honest and straightforward, and don't fall into hype.

How do you deal with guys like mercola.com who are on some rampage against artificial sweeteners while at the same time hyping shit like energy medicine?

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