Thursday, February 16, 2006

Charis Johnson cuts off all communication - Refuses to Speak with Reporters

Charis Johnson, owner and operator of the now crashed 12DailyPro auto-surf program, has now stopped all communication to any reporters or outside parties, and is only speaking through her lawyers - who cannot say anything either.

In a very telling report by ABC4, reporter Brent Hunsaker, attempted to track down Charis Johnson at all the addresses and phone numbers that were available for her. The address for her lawyer turned out to be a UPS Store, and her apartment is now empty (which local Charlotte reports at WCNC also found out). He finally tracked her down at her brand new house and found her husband, who also refused to talk to them. She then screamed at the reporter over the phone and is now asking her members to flood the station with calls.

In another development, Charis has stated on 12DP's message board that she spoke to Jeff Johnson, the original member who started out trying to track down the owner of StormPay. However, Jeff broke away from ABC4, because he claims that they removed large portions of the interview that he had with the owner of StormPay, Steve Grisky. Unfortunately, Charis has closed off the 12DP forum to new registrations, so we cannot determine what questions Jeff asked and what answers he received (at least not yet). Charis is now surrounded by her loyal followers who praise her and constantly quote from the Bible in an effort to console her, yet never questioning her means and motives.

However, now due to the large amount of media attention on both StormPay and 12DailyPro, it is most likely that we will never have a straight forward answer as to what happened to the money and a long time before anyone ever sees any of it. Both parties will probably have to submit all information about the funds through their attorneys and this will result in lawsuits, which will further reduce the amount of information being released to the public.

It is now also clear that the FBI is involved in actively investigating 12DailyPro and has issued a press release asking anyone who has had dealings with the company to call and report it to them to determine if federal laws have been broken. In the best scenario, hopefully 12DP can shut down and issue refunds to all members who had money in their accounts. In a worst case scenario, we can expect that this may drag on for years in the courts while people spend more on lawyers than they had spent investing in the company initially. If Charis Johnson does not have the liquid assets to refund investors of their money, we can probably expect law enforcement or the courts will seize her assets and distribute them amongst investors, at least as long as they determine investors were not breaking laws by recruiting people to sign up under them.

UPDATE: In another shocking development, Jeff Johnson, the sole member who went out in search of answers from SP and 12DP goes on the record with ABC4 saying that he did not make the post in the 12DailyPro forum saying they removed and edited portions of the broadcast. However, he could not comment on what he discussed with Charis and what they might have discussed. However, from the comments made by him in the interview, he appears to be not very happy with the results. This continues to shed more light on the lies and deception continuing to be posted by Charis and the other members of her message board. You can watch the video below.

ABC4 Interviews Jeff Johnson

Stay posted here for the latest ongoings at 12DP and SP...

Watch the latest report from ABC4:

Watch the report from Charlotte ABC news affiliate WCNC:

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Wil said...

The increasing religious fervor and conspiracy theories at the 12DailyPro forums is really disturbing.

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