Friday, December 23, 2005

Titus and Wife Captured!

UPDATE 8/7/2010: An update to this story is available here Whatever happened to Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan?

Craig Titus and wife Kelly Ryan have been captured in the Boston area this evening.

(CBS4) CANTON A pair of professional bodybuilders has been arrested in Stoughton, wanted for a murder in Las Vegas. The husband and wife were captured Friday afternoon at the Shaws Plaza, by the FBI.

Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were wanted for the December 14th murder of a 28 year-old woman. Her body was found in the trunk of a burning car in the Las Vegas desert.

Melissa James of New Jersey was apparently strangled before the car was set on fire. She was found earlier this month in the trunk of the burning car.

Police say James was found dashed with lighter fluid and duct tape on her face.

According to a police report, James was a personal assistant living with Titus and Ryan before her death, and Titus admitted having an affair with her. Titus and Ryan accused James of stealing from their bank accounts. (Full Story)

Sounds like the FBI must of gotten involved with this. Possibly for crossing state lines in an attempt to avoid authorities? Another interesting tidbit about Titus' earlier arrest in federal prison:

He [Titus] pleaded guilty in Louisiana in April 1995 to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute the party drug ecstasy, and served two years in jail for steroid-related offenses from 1997 to 1999.

I am still waiting on the LVPD to respond to my request for information on the arrest and information on the specific nature of the charges filed against him, autopsy report of victim Melissa James, and other information. Because of the upcoming holiday, I expect a delay in the response, but hopefully we'll have this information soon. I've emailed the editor at The Smoking Gun to tip them off about the case so hopefully they can get the info faster than I can. Filing FOIA requests is a real bitch. Sometime in the future I'll do a writeup on how to file one.

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Spider63 said...

If you want the latest on Craig Titus and his lovely wife, check out my blog, I have posted the most recent reports. BTW, I like your blog, and your photos.

Stuartmason73 said...

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