Friday, August 06, 2010

Whatever happened to Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan?

Craig Titus - Mug Shot (LVPD)
One of the most common searches to my blog is for Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan.  Both Titus and Ryan were alleged to be involved in a murder of their assistant, Melissa James, during a fight possibly fueled by heavy doses of narcotics.

Although the story is covered pretty well, there are still a few lingering questions about the tragedy.  There were always rumors of a sex tape involving Kelly Ryan, Melissa James, and Craig Titus, but that has apparently never surfaced.  Some people claim to have seen it or clips from it, but to my knowledge, no substantial proof that it exists has ever been released. What is clear is that Kelly Ryan and Craig Titus lived a drug fueled party lifestyle and probably had a situation of an open marriage where both partners were free to swing and engage in outside relationships.

Kelly Ryan - Mug Shot (LVPD)
The fact that Melissa James came to live with Kelly and Titus is a perfect example of this relationship.  It would seem somewhat unusual for a married couple to need a young female live in assistant when they had no children and their occupation was professional bodybuilding.  What it came to in the end was apparently the result of jealousy on the part of Kelly Ryan towards Melissa James.  There were accusations that Melissa James was stealing money from them.

Although Craig Titus still doesn't freely admit that he intentionally killed Melissa James, he does admit dumping her body in their car and setting it on fire in the Nevada desert.  Both Ryan and Titus copped plea deals, making them eligible for parole in the future.  Titus will be eligible for parole in 2026 when he is 61 years old, while Kelly Ryan could be eligible for parole as early as next year (2011).  Whether or not the parole board will see it this way is yet to be determined.

A true crime novel called Fire in the Desert has been written about the ordeal, but it is explained pretty thoroughly in the 48 Hours piece, "Vegas Heat", produced by CBS that I've embedded at the bottom of this article.

48 Hours - Vegas Heat

Watch CBS Videos Online

If for some reason you can't get the video to play, you can watch online at

This is a follow up on two earlier stories I did IFBB Pro Craig Titus & wife Kelly Ryan Wanted for Murder and Titus and Wife Captured!


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Jonnydrama said...


pogue972 said...


Renny said...

Kelly can go out this year?Wouldnt surprise me if she is the mind behind this killing with her jalousy

Melissa said...

How is Craig doing today? How has he adapted to life behind bars?

pogue972 said...

I couldn't tell you as I don't know him personally.  I suppose you could write him a letter.  He is currently in Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, NV.  His prison number is 1024059.

jmarshall9 said...

I stupid prosecutor had an air tight case against both for murder one. He let these two pyschopaths plead to removing the body. The victim was electrocuted, beaten, injected with an overdose, duct taped put in the trunk of a car and set on fire. The coroner would not rule it a homicide. If you want to kill someone, do it in Nevada. That state does not value human life.

cleve_blakemore said...

The police don't need to go chasing up the details when there is donuts that need eating. Lazy shiftless government employees just want to close the case with the least trouble possible. They needed to put both these assholes in the electric chair for what they did.

joseph said...

It is 2013! Was Kelly Ryan released from prison?!

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