Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stop Iran

ran is quickly becoming a complete totalitarian regime with it's recent ban on music and comments on holocaust denial. Although for sometime it was not quite clear of what Iran's nuclear intentions were, it's obvious now with this dangerous comments that it's current leadership cannot be trusted with nuclear capabilities. The hardline Islamic republic has shown that it follows in the steps of other previous governments based on flawed ideology that is not only dangerous in nature, but is slowly removing individual freedoms and creating tension with the rest of the world in it's views.

"They [the west] have invented a myth that Jews were massacred and place this above God, religions and the prophets." -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran
This clearly indicates that the leadership of Iran speak of an obvious ideology of hatred and anti-semitism.

It's quite unfortunate that the people of Iran have let this type of discussion to be allowed and will face consequences that will most likely lead to more hatred of the West and the brewing of a terrorist firestorm. The ADL is calling for sanctions against Iran which would do the following:

  • UN sanctions. The United Nations Security Council can agree on a sanctions resolution in the light of Iran�s continued nuclear defiance.
  • Asset freezing. Foreign assets held by the Iranian regime can be frozen.
  • A travel ban on Iran's leaders. This would prevent them from addressing their message of hate to the international community, as President Ahmadinejad did when he spoke at the recent UN World Summit.
  • Ending bilateral ties. Governments and parliaments around the world can cut diplomatic links, cooperation and trade agreements and other links with the Iranian regime.
  • Breaking sporting and cultural links. Iran can be denied the privilege of participating in international events and competitions, such as the football World Cup, which will be played in Germany in 2006 in front of an audience of billions. [link]
  • Although Iran and other Muslim nations have a legitimate concern about the Israel and Palestine conflict, holocaust denial comments are quite common in these states. Many Arab papers reportedly post many anti-semitic viewpoints, and the Protocols of Zion is viewed as fact. This problem will not be solved by a war against any nation in an attempt to "reeducate" them on their views, but by a process of giving them access to factual information. Regimes like Iran ban internet access to allow it's citizens to read non-government approved mediums. In this type of culture of religioufanaticismcm combined witpropagationon of hatred toward all western views and skepticism of ideas that most regard as basic truth, it can only lead toward more and more isolation between other countries.

    We have seen this play out in the terrible effects of UN imposed sanctions on Iraq. While many people were denied basic medical aid, food and so forth - it also breed a terrorist revolution of sorts that caused an even further hatred of the west. We must view these countries with pity and see them for what they really are, as ignorant ideologies of a flawed utopia. Countries like Iran believe that they can sustain themselves in a world economy and wars can be won on noexistencece fronts.

    The only way for Iranians to pull themselves out of this regime of madness before it starts attempting to build up it's own "Reich", they must organize and educate themselves and their fellow citizens. The first step towards ousting of their ever growing maelstrom government is to break free of it's own bans on censorship. Iranians should begin accessing services like TOR (an anonymous proxy system) and creating their own blogs.

    One of the most basic forms orebellionon is communication. Communication is essential for rebelling against these types of regimes, and is exactly why they type of censor it. There are many ways to communicate anonymously and privately, such as instant messaging, IRC, VoIP and etc. Once communication has been established, organization must be made to organize a sustained campaign to remove the regime.

    The only way to halt the growing Iran problem is twofold.

    Sign the ADL Petition to start UN Sanctions. This will stop some of Iran's power base by blocking a large amount of it's money and income, and prevent it from being accepted internationally.

    Promote an internal Iran counter revolutionary organization. This cannot be government funded and should not bchosenen on it's "western friendliness". This always leads to problems. How to do this I do not know for sure. Comments are welcome, as always.

    UPDATE from the ADL:

    Iranian Aggression: When Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map," ADL put pressure on the international community to hold Iran accountable, spurring UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to cancel a trip to Tehran. Just
    last week, Ahmadinejad renewed his threat and sunk to a new low by calling the Holocaust a "myth." We increased the pressure on world leaders, and the Swedish Parliament was the first to respond by cutting off all contact with the Iranian regime.
    Hopefully more countries will follow Sweden in it's blockade of Iran.

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