Saturday, August 26, 2006

FreePay gone Bankrupt?

According to a recent post from a purported ex-employee of FreePay, the company might be filing for bankruptcy. FreePay, formerly known as Gratis Internet, is a company that gives away free products using a referral marketing based system.

In March, the company changed its terms of service so that users only had ninety days to complete the requirements to get the prize, where as previously, they had an unlimited amount of time. After this change occurred, many people stopped doing the FreePay sites altogether, while some tried to finish the requirements in time to get their gifts (myself included). Since the beginning of May, I have been waiting on a Macintosh Mini and a iPod Nano to be delivered to me by FreePay. Many others have reported similar problems with FreePay, prompting Anything4free to drop the company to a "D" rating, and Referral Swapper to remove them completely. In some cases, people are only reporting that they are receiving their merchandise after reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau.

According to the anonymous ex-employee, FreePay has been hit hard by a lawsuit filed in New York against the company for violating their privacy policy by selling their email list. However, in a strange move, FreePay seems to have started a new blog here on Blog*Spot. They previously had a blog on their regular web site. Why they have chosen to do this, I'm not sure. I can only hope it is a good sign that they are actively still at work and will hopefully continue to fulfill their contract obligations and send out customers (some who have been waiting since January) products.

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