Saturday, April 01, 2006

StudioTraffic's Web Site Suspended - The End for ST?

It appears that repeated calls and emails sent to Studiotraffic's provider,, have succeeded in shutting down the online auto-surf gone rotten. Visiting StudioTraffic's website now displays the message that the account has been suspended. Meanwhile, StudioTraffic's other website, including their forum, remains online, while it's "investors" and other people who have held out hope in recovering their money can still chat about StudioTraffic under the watchful eyes of the moderators who are continuing to try and not let damaging information about the program be disseminated.

The purported owner of ST, John Horan, has been discovered to be an alias. The domain is registered to a company in Panama called Overseas Incorporation Services Overseas Incorporation Services which claims to offshore company registrations and other services. Contact to the company has been made and they are quoted as saying that they have no knowledge of a person named John Horan and that Studiotraffic is not in good standing with the company. However, they have refused to release records about ST unless forced to by law. Many people are still trying to track the whereabouts of the other owners and operators of ST and report them to law enforcement and other agencies.

Whether or not this is the death nell for ST remains to be seen, but under ever increasing pressure, and outside individuals who have lost money continue to report ST and it's owners to consumer affairs divisions and government agencies, it's likely that the company doesn't have much longer to exist.

UPDATE 4/2: Studiotraffic's forum is now offline. They claim the cause is due to "abuse" from members, despite the fact that they haven't allowed people to register for the forum in months.

Sorry - but due to constant abuse and mistreatment, we have a lack of forum staff. The board is unavailable at the moment.

Please try the 2 alternative private forums.
Studiopay's website has also disappeared showing up simply saying that "there is no website configured at this address". Whether this is only temporary remains to be seen. But, it looks like this is a victory for those of us who have worked to prevent anyone else for falling victim for this scam as ST is currently out of business. We will still have to wait and find out if any funds are recovered to anyone or if any of the owners or operators are brought to justice.

The latest updates and news about StudioTraffic can be found on TalkGold's ST forum.

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