Sunday, March 05, 2006

3 Easy Ways to Stop Telemarketing & Junk Mail

Junk mail is not only annoying but it wastes paper. Telemarketing calls are often times scams and also just plain annoying. However, by filling out a few simple forms you can reduce the majority of junk mail and telemarketing very easily.
  1. Sign up at, the official "Do Not Call Registry" from the government to stop getting telemarketing calls. Next, find your state's Do Not Call Registry and sign up for that too. Most states had do not call lists before the FTC implemented theirs, so if you sign up for both you will be more likely to be on telemarketers opt-out lists.
  2. Sign up at, which will allow you to opt out from the 3 credit major bureaus from receiving solicitations through the phone and mail about credit cards and insurance. It basically keeps your credit reports from being sold to companies who want to "pre-approve" you for their credit cards.
  3. Fill out the first two forms from the DMA (The Direct Marketing Association) and mail them in. There is one for junk mail and one for junk phone calls. Don't bother with the email one, it doesn't work. They only cost the paper, envelope and stamps to send them in on, or you can pay online to do it instantly. The DMA runs a voluntary list for the mailing and telemarketing industry to let them know which customers don't want to be bothered.
Once you've done those 3 simple things, within a few months you should expect to decrease junk mail and phone calls significantly. You'll be glad you did.

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