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Interview of the Century - Michelle: American Nymph

Michelle is a hot super-vixen, and self proclaimed "sexpert". Her skills of sexual prowess extend across the world. As many millions of people look for answers to their sexual questions, Michelle has emerged on the forefront of helping others experience sex with more zest and vigor.

Now, for the first time, Michelle has granted an interview to her long time friend, pogue. After many years of work, Michelle has decided to take her sexual crusade to the masses. Now, for the first time, with pogue, she has begun to discuss her extrodinary work.

Pogue himself has been her to say "damn, she's hot [sic]" and "wow, I sure would like a peice of that sweet potato pie" about Michelle, but until now, very little has owned been discussed about sex. This is because pogue has only recently discovered Michelle has been involved in this important work. Prior to this, most discuss centered on mundane topics such as popular music of the day and who makes the best fast food chili.

Now, for our readers enjoyment, pogue has used his interviewing magic to bring Michelle's true wonder to light. We can only hope after this, Michelle will grant us more interviews before she is swept up in the national media limelight and ditches all her small town hick friends and starts appearing on Oprah. So, enjoy!

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

The Interview

: Michelle, you're fantastic, why is that?

MissShell : Well, I mean look at me. I'm young. I'm cute. I have a wonderful smile, great personality and I'm a freak in bed. What more could you ask for?

pogue24: That's true. What advice would you give for other girls who want to be as fantastic as you?

MissShell : It's not possible, but if they absolutely have to try, I recommend plastic surgery and a good dentist. There's nothing anyone can do about the sex part. If you have it you have it. If you don't - you don't.

pogue24: Alright, now you claim that you're great in bed, what evidence do you have to substantiate this claim?

: I have a video which is now available if you contact me at 1-800-S H E L L F U K. And I can also give you a list of references.

pogue24: That sounds like a video I would enjoy watching. Tell me more about it.

MissShell: Well, it was filmed in a basement at my friend's house in Austin, TX. Basically, it starts with me playing with myself and then my "roommate" walks in on me because he wants to borrow something but obviously I distract him with my lusciousness and the will have to buy the video.

pogue24: The plotline sounds thrilling. Being an amateur porn star must have its ups and downs. What are your feelings on being one?

MissShell: I wouldn't really say that I'm an amateur porn star really. I have only done this one video so far. It was more to show people how things are supposed to be done. It's more of an instructional video. I'm not sure if I will do more or not.

pogue24: I see, and how has the response been to the instructions on the tape?

MissShell: It's been amazing. I've gotten hundreds of emails about how I have helped women with their sex life all of the country. And several from men thanking me for teaching their

pogue24: That's really great. I'm sure that makes you feel very special when you know your hard work has helped so many people. What made you decide that people like this needed your help?

MissShell: Responses I have gotten from past sexual partners of mine. They go on and on about how I am the best they've ever had and how they wish everyone had been as great as I was. It made me realize how uninformed and how out of practice the females are here in the US.

pogue24: Hmmm... I see, and how did you come to have such amazing sexual knowledge? Do you have any special qualifications for the field, or did you have any training?

MissShell: No, no special training. It's just a gift.

pogue24: When did you first realize you had this special gift?

MissShell: I guess it was in the third grade. We were watching a movie so the lights were out and I had on a dress that day so the boy next to me put his hand down my panties and was fingering me. So at recess that day I took him behind the slide and broke him off. That's when I realized how incredible I really was.

pogue24: Most child prodigies do start at a very young age. You obviously realized your gift very early on, like Beethoven or Mozart. But, let's talk more about your sexual prowess and how you work your magic. Is it more important to please you or your partner in bed?

MissShell: Oh definitely without a doubt I am more concerned about my partner, but in doing so I in turn please myself.

pogue24: Does bringing your partner to orgasm give you just a general satisfaction? Or do you actually get off on giving the orgasm?

MissShell: It depends how into his orgasm the guy is. Most of the time it's just a general satisfaction but if the guy is really into having his then it will actually get me off too.

pogue24: Do you have any special tips for the readers as to what can enhance the orgasmic experience?

MissShell: Sure. I'll just make a list. I don't want to go into detail we really need to get back to talking about me, but...

1. heat

2. deep breathing

3.don't think about it just let it happen

pogue24: Alright, I'd also be interested in your preferences on any special types of sexual products you might use, such as different types of lubrication (if any), condoms, toys,
and so forth.

pogue24: But lets see, more about you... What thing most would you want people to know about you when they first meet you?

MissShell: I would have to say that I want people to know that I am a person too. I don't have sex with just anyone who comes up and recognizes me from my video. If you're not a hot Finnish guy in a band then I'm not going to talk to you.

pogue24: Unfortunately for average Joes like me, we're not "hot" and we're not from Scandinavia. What advice would you give to guys like me if they were trying to bed you?

MissShell: *laugh* That is true. Not everyone is to be so lucky. I would say that if you are trying to win my affections I would first dye my hair black, get blue contacts, learn to play the drums
(or lie about it) and act like you own the world. Walk in, grab my ass and say I want this tonight.

pogue24: Hmm, interesting. What is it about musicians that is such a turn on?

MissShell: Their love for their music, their ambition and well of course their fame.

pogue24: So would you consider yourself a groupie?

MissShell: Oh no of course not. I have more respect for myself than that. Plus, being who I am I don't have to sleep with the roadies and those types before i get to the band members. The band members just come to me.

pogue24: Is that because of your incredible beauty? Or your reputation for sexual gratification?

MissShell: I'd have to say both.

pogue24: How hard is it to maintain your beauty? Does it take a lot of work and effort? Or is it easy for you?

MissShell: Oh my, It's so easy. Most models and actresses you hear them say that they don't just wake up looking like that. That it takes hours of hair and make up and such. But that's not the case for me. I really do just wake up looking like this.

pogue24: You must realize that you're very lucky for having to put in little effort for your amazing looks. Since you have so much extra time, what do you devote it to?

MissShell: Blow job exercises.

pogue24: Blow job exercises? Does that involve giving actual blow jobs? Or practicing on penis-like devices or objects?

MissShell: Both. When I have volunteers for my exercises it's always nice to have the real thing, but if I'm just practicing in between sessions or so then I use whatever I can find such as
cucumbers or beer bottles or cans.

pogue24: Fascinating. Well, if you ever need an exercise partner I would be happy to devote my time to your charitable causes.

MissShell: Thank you so much. That's very sweet of you.

pogue24: Now, getting onto another subject... why don't you tell us about your proudest moment and your most embarrassing moment.

MissShell: I would have to say my proudest moment was completing the video and having that first phone call come in to order it. My most embarrassing was probably when I got an e-mail
from a woman who said that the video didn't help her at all. But then I thought about it and realized that some people just don't have any hope.

pogue24: I can understand that. It's truly unfortunate that some people cannot be helped, but it's just a fact of life. Perhaps the woman had more deep seated issues that needed to be addressed. When women come to you that you feel need more help than you can give, who can they turn to?

MissShell: I'm afraid there is nobody. What their problem is is all in their head. They won't free themselves to truly enjoy themselves and there's nothing anyone can do about that except ....themselves.

pogue24: Could it be that they are possibly lesbians?

MissShell: No. I have a video about that too. I always tell them to try that first before giving up. But sometimes it still doesn't help.

pogue24: You tell them to try lesbianism before giving up? What does this video you just mentioned entail?

MissShell: Yes. This video was also filmed in the same place, but with my dear friend Sarah. It shows how to do it with no toys, and with dildos and with strap ons

pogue24: But isn't that just emulating the male sexual experience with a woman? Are you suggesting to would-be lesbians that they need to use accessories to enjoy themselves? What about the "natural" lesbian experience?

MissShell: I said that it shows that too. Are you not listening to everything I'm saying?

pogue24: I'm sorry, I misread

MissShell: yes. indeed.

MissShell: Well as lovely as this has been I'm afraid that I have to go now.

MissShell: I'm a busy girl and I have lots of other interviews to do.

pogue24: Well, thank you very much for the interview Michelle. I enjoyed our talk, I will have to go take a cold shower now myself.

MissShell: *laughs* yes yes of course. It was my pleasure.

Let's hope we'll be hearing from Michelle very soon. Feel free to write in your questions and maybe she will answer them!

pogue recommends Adam & Eve for all your adult and sexual needs.

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