Friday, January 13, 2006

Cameras to Catch Red Light Runners in Dallas

The Dallas City Council has approved new "Big Brother" style cameras to catch red light runners. The only answer is to stock up on PhotoBlocker Spray which is supposed to make your license plate impervious to cameras by creating an extremely shiny surface that blurs when a picture is taken.

Previously, Texas enacted a law that prohibited license plate covers, so you can no longer use any type of physical plate covers to try and blur or block your plate from cameras.

The only question is if the PhotoBlocker Spray actually works, then will these cameras use a flash that will enable it to blur your plate or will they just be live video cameras like other cities have used, rendering it useless? Either way, it's a cheap investment and I use it on my single rear license plate.

Hopefully the Texas branch of the National Motorist Association will have something to say about this.

Red-light cameras in Dallas a go - Dallas Morning News (Subscription Required)

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