Thursday, December 01, 2005

Privacy Policy

I, pogue, do not keep any type of tracking information when you visit this site. I do not log emails, IPs or any other private or personal type of information. However, my host, probably does. and some of the other services used in my site set and place cookies, log IP addresses and possibly more for various purposes. My attempt is to try and provide you (the reader) with the best possible viewing experience and readability for this site, and hopefully in doing so, not compromising your privacy and security.

Rest assured I will not spam you or share, sell or rent any personal information disclosed or divulged to me by any readers of this site. My site's feeds and feed email subscription services are not controlled by me and are managed by a third party.

However, I cannot control the content of some of the services used on my site. The following services privacy policies that I use to enhance the content of my site are listed below. Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Privacy Policy
AdBrite Privacy Policy
Feedblitz Privacy Policy
AltaVista (Babelfish Translation Service) Privacy Policy
BlogHarbor ( Privacy Policy

By visiting this site you agree to these policies. If you have a problem with any of them, please contact the individual provider listed above or contact me for further information.

This policy may change at any time.
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